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Many people who live in Brixton want to farm animals, but do not have the space to run a small farm. Many people in Brixton want to visit a local city farm to learn about the food they eat and farming practice.

We don’t have a large site, so we are setting up a dispersed farm. We keep small numbers of farm animals in our gardens and come together twice a year to become the Brixton City Farm.

By combining our gardens we have the space we need. By pooling our time and resources we are supporting each other. We are not experts; we are learning together and it’s great fun. We need help and you can join us today!

We aim to:
• Farm livestock using our homes and gardens, e.g. for eggs, milk, meat, honey, and wool
• Bring animals together regularly to become a big farm
• Establish, in time, a more conventional city farm in Brixton
• Promote the idea of dispersed farms in other areas

To do this, we will:
• Meet as a big farm at Easter and at harvest time, e.g. at fairs and shows in parks or on common land
• Prioritise members with very small gardens or balconies and low budgets
• Focus on getting new members started
• Keep accounts and be driven by business plans
• Identify suitable breeds and keep breeding stock, e.g. poultry, rabbits, pigs, goats, bees, snails
• Share books and equipment
• Buy bulk feed and bedding, etc
• Market surplus produce
• Feed each other’s animals during holidays
• Make decisions at monthly meetings


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